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Our Region

The northeastern parts of Kenya mark the southern extent of the Horn of Africa biodiversity hotspot supporting a myriad of endemic threatened wildlife species. Despite Kenya being one of the conservation hotspots in Africa, the northeastern parts of Kenya remain devoid of both formal and community based protected areas.

The situation potentially jeopardizes the existences of multiple species of threatened status within this region. The majority of the inhabitants in this region are nomadic pastoralist of Somali origin whose way of life has become unsustainable in the recent past.

Further, the region has been associated with low human densities, low literacy, poor infrastructure and high levels of poverty. The formation of these new conservation areas potentially achieves an unlikely win-win situation through conservation of rare wildlife species thus triggering tourism that is one of Kenya’s economic pillar while simultaneously bolstering the local’s livelihoods.

Global Goal

Moreover, the project will be instrumental towards achieving the global goal of protecting 30% of land by 2030.