Northeastern Conservancies Association


The North Eastern Conservancies Association (NECA) is an umbrella body designed to lead the communities of northeastern Kenya towards solving shared challenges in this region through conservation.

We aim to establish a network of community conservation areas that spins the vast drought-stricken, volatile areas of northeastern Kenya along the Kenya-Somalia border. Through a volunteer membership, we support communities to be agents of change while we coordinate both current and future conservation for the well-being of our stakeholders. The majority of this region’s inhabitants are nomadic pastoralists of Somali descent whose way of life has been adversely affected in the recent past. Conservation through community involvement is the key to an unlikely win-win situation for both nature and the livelihoods of these isolated communities.

Our Values

  • Evidence-based decision making: We recognize indigenous knowledge in natural resources management, community-based knowledge, and practices that sustained natural resources in the past and rely on research to come up with best practices through innovation to sustain community and conservation.
  • Accountability and Transparency: We focus on measurable outcomes and pride ourselves in sharing of information and ideas that could potentially change how we view community and conservation.
  • Collaboration and Inclusion: We embrace and welcome other organizations and people from all walks of life to work with the local communities to achieve our goals and come up with solutions to challenges facing conservation outside protected areas.
  • Integrity: We uphold high standards of professionalism and work ethics in a manner consistent with our core values.