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- Bringing together indigenous communities and wildlife -


To be a be regional association that supports grass-roots conservation and the wellbeing of local communities.


To work with Somali pastoralists and landowners to manage and conserve these unique landscapes, their wildlife and habitat for the benefit of the local communities and Kenya, leading to a win-win situation for wildlife conservation and community livelihood through employment creation and tourism.


18 new conservation areas; 8 in Wajir, 4 Mandera, and 6 in Garissa, which will cover an approximate area of 5,000,000+ acres

What We Do


This region is part of the Horn of Africa biodiversity hotspot that harbors multiple unique threatened wildlife species...

Livelihood Improvement

The majority of the residents in this region are Somalis who practice nomadic pastoralism...

Women’s Empowerment

Women within pastoral communities are often overlooked and secluded by their communities...

Peace and security

The northeastern region lies along the Kenya-Somalia border which is known to be volatile.

Networking & Communication

We bring together different conservation areas within the volatile northeastern region...

Capacity building

We recognize the need for our members to be at par with the current technology...

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